Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mitragyna specios

Mitragyna specios is the scientfic name of " Daun Ketum" and also know as daun biak. Nowadays, as we know whom are processing the "daun ketum" they will be sued because of processing a dreamy drinking but daun ketum has a benefit such as threatment for drug.

In tradision, people use it for extra energy or become fresh after tired of working and just eat it such chew a "daun sirih". Beside that, it uses for:

  • treat diarrhea, fever, cough
  • avoid worm disease
  • increased appetite
  • combined with other herbs to cure high blood pressure, weak, and asthma

Mitragyna specios actually have many benefit and good for
health but some people are abuse it for wrong
way. So lets we ponder about Allah award
that give to us...

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  1. I think if people use
    Mitragyna Speciosa in the right dosage, it can help us to cure few kind of sickness. For example, it can cure diarrhea if you take the tea from the leaves.